Quality Patio Services in Hartford

Patio Installation and Repair Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Does your current patio need repair services? Are you planning to have a patio installed at your current home or place of business? If so, we at Painters in Hartford can help. We have all the skills and technical know-how to either repair your existing patio or install a brand new one. If you are located in the central metropolitan area of Hartford, give us a call. Our contractors are well-trained, insured and fully licensed according to the state laws of Connecticut.


If you are having problems with your patio or are in need of a new one, please give us a call at (860) 333-6881 to learn how our patio installation and repair team can assist you.

[%City%] Patio Design and Installation Services

When it comes to patio design and installation services, no job is too big or too small for our team of professionals. And we at Painters in Hartford are great at designing and installing patios in different settings too. So whether you need a patio for your home or business, we’ve got you covered. We’ve assisted many satisfied business owners such as restaurant owners, motels, hotel chains and a host of other businesses. We’ve created the perfect patio design space to meet our customer's exact specifications and we can do the same for you. We at Painters in Hartford value our staff and make sure they have everything they need to perform their job to your satisfaction.  From industry-standard materials to the equipment and the tools of the trade, we have everything we need to install, repair or replace your patio.

We can help you launch your patio design ideas so you can entertain your guests in style.  Want to know the best part? Your patio can be custom designed just for you. Here are some of the installation designs that we offer: 

  • Paver patios

  • Brick patios

  • Raised patios

  • Garden patios

Our services include different selections of bricks and pavers that can be used to create the perfect patio using a wide selection of colors and architectural designs - all while using the highest quality materials in the market. If wowing your guests with lasting beauty is important to you, then we at Painters in Hartford know that you’ll please with what we have to offer and the value it can add to your home or place of business. Give us a call. Our well-trained technicians can provide you with exceptional quality, compliance approved installation methods to ensure that your patio is both laid and leveled accurately. Your patio will be durable enough to endure a variety of weather conditions, yet beautiful enough to keep your guest coming back for the ambiance. 

Restore Your Existing Space with Our Quality Patio Repair Services

As time passes by, your patio can become unattractive. The weather, age or normal wear and tear can cause your patio to erode over time.  Not only can it become unsightly, but it can also become dangerous if it’s not well maintained. Is your brick or stone patio in need of attention? A professional assessment? If so, we can perform an assessment and let you know what condition your patio is in.  We can then recommend the best repair options that are available to restore your patio back to its original, like-new condition at a price that fits your budget.

If you need a new patio installed or your existing one repaired, give us a call. We can start planning your new project right away. We are located right in the heart of Hartford and look forward to hearing from you.